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Woman_with_candle„Shining in everyday life: it is the most authentic teaching. 
The only example we are setting is the way we walk the path ourselves
that we had undertaken before birth on the soul level, for the sake of our improvement”. (writer: Virág Cs. Szabó, translator: Katalin Gál)

Lightpoint Sacral Center aims at providing space and functional methods for men and women who wish to work consciously with the suppressed female quality in them, discovering, healing and circulating it. If more and more give space for the Goddess in their life, the male and female aspects of the world can be more balanced, as the latter has been suppressed during the past centuries. That is why our world is in pain, lacking the soft female embrace, intuition, acceptance, love and gentleness. This isn’t only a key to our healing but that of our spiritual ascension as well. Unity can only be born from the merge of a fulfilled man and woman. Unfolded female energy can inspire male qualities in the process of turning into a king, together manifesting the upward flight along the path of eternity. The fusion of two happy hearts can make the world round and bright. If you are interested in the information of our center, visit us often or write to Courses, trainings, therapies and celebrating ourselves and the world – with love and joy – respecting the unity of body, soul and spirit, with holistic and creative solutions, individually and in groups. Magazine with articles and interviews, initiating female stories – we welcome volunteers for translating into English. Let’s unite for a better world!

Two short stories of Virág in English: Dolphin boy and Sunshine - about the female qualities.

1608888_766359016725685_347052651_nThe founder, Virág Szabó inspires others to liberate the female qualities, be it in the form of lectures, courses or personal therapy for women, men and youngsters – with a psychological, spiritual and artistic attitude. Supported by inspiration and using the magic of Presence, she offers what the given person or group needs for growth. She works with the tools of meditation, visualization, stories (fairy tales), writing, theatre and dance, lectures, and she just listens and talks to you if that is what’s needed for waking up. Her closer plan is to establish a Female Energy Center that could work as a location for story (fairy tale) and art therapy, too. Virág has been writing since she was five and has had six novels published so far. A musical was born from one of her short novels that the audience can already meet as well (Mandralínia). She has been active as a journalist since the age of fifteen and has been teaching the art and craft of writing in her own method for sixteen years to various age groups. She aims at working out education programs with a new approach, for which she is looking for partners. The publication of the Hungarian-Maori and Hungarian-Kechua dictionary is connected to her name. Her blog is refreshed daily.

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